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From the POV of a UK company moving to the US.


L-1 Intra Company Transferee Visa

O-1A Extraordinary Ability Visa

E-1 Treaty Trader Visa

USCIS page


Found a US organization in order to engage in trading with the US. US organization must be at least 50% owned by persons in the US who have the nationality of the treaty country.

Maximum initial stay of two years. Extensions in increments of up to two years each. No limit to the number of extensions.

E-2 Treaty Investor visa

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Hans-Jörg Posch: E2 Visa for Startup Founders 101
Tim Haines answers: How can the E2 visa help US aliens to work in the US?
USCIS overview
USCIS page

E-3 visa

William Shields on Hacker News

EB-1 green card

USCIS page

EB-2 green card

USCIS page

USCIS FAQ for entrepreneurs

H-1B visa

USCIS page

EB-5 visa

USCIS page

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